Prevent heat-related illness this summer

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Climate change and extreme heat cause more deaths each year than hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods combined!  What can you do to reduce your risks?

 Stay COOL;


and Stay INFORMED.

One way to stay informed is to sign up for heat alerts.  You can do that HERE and follow these steps: 1) Enter your email address and click “Continue”; 2) Click the box next to “Heat Alerts”.

Our homepage also provides heat advisories as soon as they are available; likewise alerts and heat-related messages are posted on our Facebook (FB) site.

Our contracted Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs) and providers also have information and resources to help you reduce your risks for heat-related illness this summer.  Learn more:

  • Community Partnership for Southern Arizona – online extreme heat resources – you can also obtain “surviving Arizona heat” brochures at your provider sites, shelters, and anywhere you see a CPSA booth or table at your local events.
  • Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care – heat advisories; additionally, you can attend presentations at clinics, peer support groups, and community groups where you’ll get information about water drives, hydration stations, and summer safety tips. Visit Mercy’s events website.
  • Cenpatico of AZ – “surviving Arizona heat” brochures distributed across all 8 counties at community meetings and community events and by crisis mobile teams – your provider clinics also have heat-related information available for you.  Bottled water is also available for you during extreme heat periods.
  • NARBHA – extreme heat warnings for northern Arizona will be under Member Resources and on FB.

To learn about signs and symptoms of heat related illness and how to protect yourself this summer at our website at


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