NT19 SMI Services Update

August 7th, 2012 by Claudia Sloan Leave a reply »

The fiscal year 2013 implementation plans for non title 19 SMIservices have been approved.  Non title 19 SMI persons may be eligible for an array of supported services that may include peer support, family support, living skills training, personal assisatnce, respite care, supported employment,  supported housing, respite care and non-emergency transportation to receive covered behavioral health services.  

 The T/RBHAs will screen members at their next scheduled appointments (all of which will be completed by september 30th or earlier), to determine  what level of case management services is medically necessary and  behavioral health providers will help members identify which support services will help them achieve their recovery goals. 

The T/RBHAs are training their workforces and providers are training peer support specialists who will help provide these supported recovery services.  We’ll continue to provide updates on the trainings through this website and this blog.



  1. Lynn says:

    Where can I get more information about the NT19 SMI Services?? My sibling has Schizophrenia and was in the care of Southwest/Megallan until few years ago with the budget cut and the NT 19. She no longer received any services and that had created a lot of problem for her as well as for us as family. Please I am looking for help for her!!

  2. Lois says:

    Where can I get information regarding assisted housing services for someone who is SMI but non Title 19?

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