Maricopa County Integrated RBHA Contract Awarded

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Maricopa County Integrated RBHA Selected

Today marks a historic time in the delivery of behavioral health services in Arizona.  For the first time we will have a system that is designed to look at the whole person when it comes to delivery of health care…not just what funding stream they entered the system using.  This is important because accessing health care is critical to quality of life.  The opportunity to bring a coordinated system of care to our behavioral health community will led to fewer lives lost to preventable and treatable physical illnesses.  At 12:00pm MST today the Department of Health awarded the contract to manage the Maricopa County Integrated Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) to Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care.  

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care brings some exciting ideas to the table while building on the great things already happening in our system.  They will grow integrated delivery sites from the current four (4) co-located sites to twenty (20) integrated sites.  What’s the difference between co-location and integration?  Simply put, co-location works great at a specific site because providers are available to help a person with both behavioral health and physical health needs…Integration expands that coordination of care beyond just the one site so the person’s whole health is taken into consideration at every site they access services.  Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care provided the department with the best example of integration and recovery oriented services through an extensive community based approach.  They reached out to critical stakeholders, took their input seriously and used it to develop an approach that will improve the lives of thousands of Arizonans.

 I encourage you to read more about the new RBHA on our procurement site and take a look at the short overview document on the BHS website to get a feel for what this new approach will look like. You will see that this truly represents and incredible collaboration that will improve people’s lives.


 For assistance navigating ProcureAZ please contact Jacqueline Ortega-Avila at 602-542-1040.   




  1. Deborah Ferry says:

    Sounds okay but what about SMI clients that are non-title 19. Seems like we’re always the forgotten ones.

  2. Claudia Sloan says:

    Dear Ms. Ferry,
    Adult Non-Title 19 Members who have SMI will continue to receive the same behavioral health services that are currently available to them. A fact sheet with more details will be available soon at our website. Thank you for visiting the blog.

  3. Deborah Ferry says:

    I have another issue regarding the new contract. I read that Mercy Maricopa is connected with a couple of faith based providers. Being an outspoken atheist, will I be forced to deal with individuals who do not approve of my worldview? I’ve already encountered a fair amount of prejudice within the public mental health system. Will this become worse? (Unfortunately, discrimination against atheists is widespread in this country and is far more tolerated than other types of prejudice. For example, I once contacted your newsletter, Recovery Works, about doing an article. I backed out when I was told that I could not use the word atheist, even though I have read other articles in the newsletter in which people talk openly about their christian faith. Sorry, but that’s discrimination.)

    • Claudia Sloan says:

      While Mercy Care’s sponsors are faith-based, Mercy Maricopa will contract with a wide variety of providers without regard to religious preference and values the belief systems of all of its members. Mercy Maricopa will embody the diversity and cultural competency standards set out by the Arizona Department of Health Services/Division of Behavioral Health Services. Please visit the FAQs page we have for questions regarding the new contract, it’s located at

  4. Sue Davis says:

    Will Title XIX individuals with an SMI determination who have only Medicare Part A and Medicare Part D be eligible to enroll in the new RBHA? These individuals do not have Medicare Parts B or C because they have “creditable coverage” through the AHCCCS Freedom to Work program.

  5. Deborah Ferry says:

    Still another question. What about individuals on Medicaid that already have a primary doctor that they’re happy with? Will they be forced to see the provider at the clinic even if they don’t like him/her? I have a number of friends on Medicaid who are SMI but have absolutely no interest in using their clinics for their primary care. To me, this is just another attempt to erode personal choice for people forced to receive government assistance.

    • Claudia Sloan says:

      Dear Ms. Ferry,
      If your PCP is not in the Mercy Maricopa network, Mercy Maricopa may negotiate a single case agreement with your PCP if he or she is willing to do so. Mercy Maricopa will allow members to remain with their PCP for 90 days after 10/1/2013. Mercy Maricopa will make all efforts to contract with individuals existing PCPs so that they can continue receiving services from them on an ongoing basis after the first 90 days. Each eligible individual will be provided with multiple choices related to how they want to access integrated care. If your PCP is not in the Mercy Maricopa network and is not willing to contract with MMIC for a single case agreement, you will have 90 days to work with your PCP in transitioning to another PCP in Mercy Maricopa’s network.
      Please visit the FAQs page we have for questions regarding the new contract, it’s located at

  6. Very neat, Claudia. Glad to hear about such amazing news for the community in Maricopa County

  7. Jesus says:

    Looks like you do a real and great effort to offer holistic services where the need of a human being is more important than the red tape to access help.
    Keep on putting humans above all else to ensure improve of health and wellbeing as well as an increase in social justice and social peace among all citizens of all races, genders and religions.

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